VYNYL adds more AR experiences into the Treefort App

By March 14, 2018Events, News

Treefort Music Fest has established itself as a well-known and exciting music festival in Boise over its last 7 years, bringing together musicians, creative thinkers, makers and shakers all wrapped in a beer infused week-long festival of fun.

One of the more hidden gems and “community-goodness” stories about Treefort is the development of the Treefort app. While there are plenty of service providers who make festival applications, in the spirit of Treefort, its app is a community volunteer project developed and maintained by many of Boise’s sharpest software engineers and companies leveraging their time and talents into bring it to life. Implementing technology in this egalitarian process has provided an unusual and unique trajectory for a product that could have been another useless and boring festival app, but instead became a pass to the activities happening during Treefort.

Will Foster an engineer at Tsheets and lead dev for the Treefort tech team had this to say, “...building the Treefort app has been a huge passion project for most of us. We love the festival and we love the opportunity to experiment and learn new tech.”

As part of this community effort, two years ago VYNYL started working with the Treefort team to bring something really unique to the Treefort app. Last year saw the first test/demo of the AR schedule banners at Hackfort and Treefort’s main stage. Being the first festival to integrate AR into their application got the attention of Forbes and got the idea’s churning for future additions.

For 2018, VYNYL has again partnered with Treefort and Hackfort to bring new experiences to life. VYNYL’s president Ian Harris said, “Treefort is a great sandbox for us to test these ideas and experiences long before they are ready for widespread adoption. They have been fantastic partners and fun to work with.” This year, VYNYL expanded the schedule banners to include Neurolux and El Korah venues and made all of the AR experiences to include buttons to purchase tickets.

IVRC as a partner on the AR experiences got a sneak peak and an early demo that we get to share with our community members!

To start, download the Treefort app for iOS or android. In the hamburger menu look for the “Mixed Reality” icon. Then go ahead and try it out on the images below!  

You can see the banners and posters in person at Hackfort, El Korah, Neurolux and the Treefort mainstage. Make sure you check out the schedules.  We'll see you there!

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