Who We Are:

The IVRC is Idaho’s first networking and education council for Idaho’s leaders and innovators interested in virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

Our Goal:

The goal of the IVRC is to bring together people, technologies, and companies to create a thriving VR/AR industry for the economic and social benefit of Idaho citizens and families. Networking events and educational seminars will help Idaho organizations to learn faster, cooperate on projects, and promote VR in Idaho.

Why It’s Vital For Idaho:

Virtual reality and related technologies like augmented and mixed reality will transform business, entertainment, travel, health and nearly every other aspect of society in ways that we can’t even imagine. VR will bring changes to the way that people live, play, and work that will rival the change brought by the invention of the Internet or mobile phones.
This massive wave of change will create and reshape entire industries with new billion dollar companies being created faster than ever before along with devastating other existing companies that lose their entire market to more nimble upstarts. Market research firms forecast the VR/AR hardware and software industry to grow rapidly, reaching between $40 – $120 billion by 2020. This figure does not include the opportunities that exist to improve current products, services, team communication, and workflows inside nearly every company.
Idaho can benefit by quickly adopting and creating new VR technology, integrating the tech into existing companies to give them a new competitive edge while also helping startups to get off the ground. VR will bring a once in a lifetime opportunity for Idaho to massively benefit in economic and social ways if we move now… before it’s too late.