Our partners are a critical component to our success. When you partner with the IVRC you’re making an investment in Idaho’s technology future and laying the groundwork for a thriving XR industry. It isn’t about the logo placement - we work with our partners to ensure we help you meet your long term goals and at the same time create a lasting mutually beneficial relationship. What are you waiting for?

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Better Business Bureau Northwest + Pacific is excited to support the Idaho Virtual Reality Council and its mission to spread awareness of Virtual Reality throughout the great state of Idaho. This dynamic emerging technology has the potential to influence businesses of all sizes. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with IVRC to help grow the innovative community with trust and integrity.

Better Business Bureau Northwest + PacificDale Dixon

VR/AR is in the process of going mainstream. It’s clear that we are going to be using VR/AR not only for gaming and media consumption, but also for enterprise applications that will revolutionize the way we work. IVRC gives local professionals and visionaries that have an interest in this technology a way to engage and collaborate. Thinking together, we have a better chance to foresee (or better yet - define) what is coming next in the VR/AR space.

SGW DesignworksRyan Gray