Support Boise CodeWork’s VR game: Song Samurai!

The IVRC is always excited to see members of our growing community develop and bring to market their various VR products. Boise Codeworks has participated in both of our Immerse-a-thon's and has worked hard to publish one of those winning efforts, Song Samurai, to Steam and the Vive Port storefront!

Here's a description for the game:

  • You are the famous song samurai, training in solitude to hone your skills. A dragon is attacking your dojo. You must put your life on the line and defend your home!
  • This game is a Virtual Reality Experience that will put you in the middle of Feudal Japan where you must use the Vive Controllers as your swords. Build up an attack streak and take down your foe, Dragon attacking your Dojo.
  • In game you will use a simple file browser to load any of your owned favorite songs, and then pick a difficulty to jam out to as you attempt to stop the dragon.

Please support their effort. The IVRC is working to get the word out and the HTC Vive team is excited that Idaho is getting developer content published through their portal. They've also given initial feedback on some strategies that will make Song Samurai more visible in the storefront. Stay tuned for more updates on this fun game and congrats to the Boise CodeWorks team for getting it published!

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