Google Expeditions is coming to Idaho!

By February 13, 2018Education, News

You read that right, Google Expeditions is coming to Idaho and bringing with them a sneak peek at ​Expeditions Augmented Reality. Expeditions Augmented Reality is ​an unreleased feature of Expeditions where teachers can bring virtual 3D objects into the classroom and onto students’ desks. These objects are accompanied with text and labels that the teacher can access and view. Students are able to walk around the objects with a smartphone, getting close to look at details and stepping back to see the full view. Want to look at a chromosome? No problem. What about getting a bird’s eye view of a hurricane? Yes, you can find that in Expeditions Augmented Reality as well! Check out the full video to see how it works!

Google will be making their way to Idaho for this tour in late March and into April.  This will be their first tour of Idaho and they’ll be visiting the following school districts - Kellogg, Blaine County, Richfield, Fairfield, Jerome, Twin Falls, Mountain Home, and Boise. Are you an Idaho educator but don’t see your school on the list?  Make sure you sign up here as they are looking to visit as many schools as possible on their trip and plan for a future visit to Idaho.

A HUGE thank you to Paul Zimmerman, Google Certified Trainer from Blaine County School District. Thanks to his efforts in Blaine County and around Idaho, it created an opportunity to work with Google and coordinate a state wide tour.  Paul is helping to coordinate their visit and they are very excited to visit the gem state!  Read more about what Paul has been doing up in Blaine County with Google Expeditions here.  

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